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DelcomRF Engineering Services;

DelcomRF gives engineering services in various automation sectors with Wireless communication applications. These engineering services may include various options from project-oriented design support planning to provide engineer source or from project management to the complete turnkey projects. It has especially developed itself on fields such as RF communication, software and RF automation. It is the first and the only company in Turkey that have its products registered to Class 2 notification in ITI information technologies institution thanks to its expert team, quick solutions and professional products.

DelcomRF AR-Ge engineers, who put signatures to many innovations, helps DelcomRF to compete with the world’s leading brands in technology with the products that they have developed.

Some Examples of DelcomRF Products;

  • RF Wireless Remote Control Units and Options, – GSM- GPRS Modems and Options,
  • Audible Remote Control Over GSM and Audible News Receiver Units and Options,
  • ISM Band 434 Mhz and 868Mhz RF Modem and Options,
  • Licensed Band 430 Mhz and 470Mhz RF Modem and Options,
  • 0-20mA Analog RF Wireless Sensor Information Transport Transactions,
  • 0-10V Analog RF Kablosuz Sensor Information Transport Transactions,
  • RF Wireless Crane Control Systems and Options, – Modbus, Profibus RF Wireless Modems,
  • Transmitters for 4-20mA RF Wireless Sensors,
  • 433,92Mhz, 433Mhz, 434Mhz, 868Mhz, RF Moduls, RF Amplifier, RF Amplificators and Options,
  • RF Wireless Water, Motion, Smoke, Knock and Magnetic Sensors,
  • RF Wireless Sensors for Heat, Sensors Capable of Giving Information About Temperature Wirelessly,
  • Tank Water-Gauge – Long Distance RF Wireless Control Systems Capable of Doing Well Engine Control/Filling Automatically or Manually,
  • RF Wireless Video and Audio Transfer Systems,
  • RF Wireless Data – Data Transferring Modems and Options for PLC,

We offer services for the following titles in your RF Projects;

  • Creating a concept/Technical Support
  • Preparation of Project Plan
  • Simulation Studies
  • Protocol / Software Development
  • Hardware
  • Test / Approval Studies