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DelcomRF LoRa Modem

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DelcomRF LoRa Modem

DelcomRF LoRa Modem is a wireless data transceiver with standard RS232/RS485 connectors. They are half-duplex. TX & RX modems with LoRa technology and transparent transmission mode. Voltage supply ranges from 8V to 28V, Working frequency: 410~441MHz (Default:433MHz).

The LoRa direct sequence spread spectrum technology enables the longer communication distance and better power density concentration as well as superior anti-interference ability. The FEC algorism enables higher coding efficiency and correction ability. The interfered data packets will be corrected proactively upon sudden interference, which significantly improves reliability and communication distance. Without FEC, the interfered data packet will be dropped. The transceivers feature data encryption and compression. The data transmitted in air features randomness, the rigorous algorism makes data interception meaningless. The data compression function has possibility to reduce the data transmission time, which in turn reduces the possibility of being interfered, thus improves the reliability and communication efficiency.

The main features are communication distance up to 15 km, addressable feature, 32 frequency channels, output power in European standards and RF networking over modems. Modem with dozens of different parameters are in the industrial class . It provides wireless data-data communication over very long distances by using modbus protocol over RS485 and RS232 ports. LoRa  (Long Range) is a modulation technique that provides much longer wireless communication distance than competitive technologies. It was developed by Semtech company. RFIC SX1278 LORA.

DelcomRF LoRa Modem

DelcomRF LoRa Modem

DelcomRF LoRa Modem

DelcomRF LoRa Modem features with  reverse feed for overload protection and emc protect for the antenna. All are controlled by settings containing configurable parameters.

Listening 30 mA ,sending maximum 700 is mA level. With the watchdog hardware, the modem reboots any error and does not lose the set parameters. All modems are manufactured using the original SEMTECH SX1278 RFIC .


Main Features


Working Freq: 425-450 MHz                   32 Channel
RF Output Power 21-30dBm                   1000mW/4 steps
Receiver sensitivity:  -150dBm                    The data speed is tested as 1.2kbps.
Data air speed:  0.3-19.2 kbps              Production output 2.4 kbps
Test communication: 15000 meter
Tested over the sea with 6dbi gain antennas and 0.6kbps air data rate with the highest output power in open and clean area. Antenna height is 2.5 meters.



Product sizes:   82*62*25              without antenna(mm)
Antenna type:  SMA Connector
Communication ports: RS232 RS868  Data rate 1200-115200
Connector types DB-9  screw connector   -Standart DB9 connector, RS485 with  3.81 screw and DC connector
Adress: 65536




DelcomRF LoRa Modem

DelcomRF LoRa Modem is made up of industrial grade components. Highest RF output power 1W and all technical parameters meet European industrial standards. Temperature stabilizers, frequency stability ± 1 . It makes it better than 5PPM . Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ , can be used comfortably. The aluminum alloy case has strong anti-interference protection with its compact size, good heat dissipation and electromagnetic compatibility.



Delcom Modbus RF Modem operates in 9-28V DC voltage range. Also, you do not need to pay the antenna price.It is  set with 3 m RG58 cable suitable for outdoor unit mounting over 6 Dbi and gain antenna with SMA connector. It establishes connection through RS485 and RS232 ports.


DelcomRF LoRa Modem

Multiple and optional broadcast modes support all your needs with different connection connectors. DelcomRF Modbus Modem makes data-data communication over UHF band. Can communicate in different frequency bands. It has multiple frequency band channel .It is the first and only product with approval of BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority )in Turkey .

Wireless Communication Between PLC-SCADA

DelcomRF LoRa Modem has the feature of adjustable data rate, adjustable RF output power, able to be transmitter-repeater.

It is suitable for PLC-PLC communication, PLC-machine and CPU communication. It can be used in SCADA monitoring systems. It offers low price and high performance. It has high data security. It ensures you to get trouble-free service. With assurance of  DelcomRF INC.

Wireless Modem Application Areas

PLC and SCADA Applications

Wind Energy Systems

Telemetry Applications

Oil Gas Refineries Wireless Communication

Industrial Automation Systems

Computer Aided Wireless Communication

Wireless Data-Data Communication Systems

Wireless Irrigation and Monitoring Systems Automation

Wireless Analog and Digital Data Transfer

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