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DelcomRF PLC RS485

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DelcomRF PLC

DelcomRF PLC is a professional programmable logic control unit with wide technical features, offering a lot of convenience to the user, and containing all the hardware with a very low price. This successful product is the bestseller in terms of price and performance balance.

DelcomRF PLC

What Are These PLC Features?

DelcomRF PLC works with 24 VDC supply voltage. It has very low standby current. It has 8000 programmable steps. DelcomRF PLC has two communication ports in total. It has RS-485 and RS-232 communication ports. It has 8 digital inputs, 6 relay outputs, 6 12-bit resolution analog inputs, 2 12-bit analog outputs. It has 5 high-speed inputs with 12 Khz resolution. It has a relay switching power output that supports 24V 3A.

DelcomRF PLC

About Us

DelcomRF A.Ş., one of the leading companies in automation products. It also provides support with many products that are designed and produced by the wireless automation industry, such as RF radio modems, GSM / GPRS modems, industrial 4G router, immersion type pressure sensors.

The first PLC order was made in 1968 in the United States of America, requesting an electronic module to replace the complex role group in the production line, operating in the automatic transmission department of General Motors. Bedford Associates firm offered a system to meet this demand. The name of this system was MODICON (MOdular DIgital CONtroller, modular digital controller).

Dick Morley, who worked on the project, is known today as the “father” of PLC. The Modicon brand was sold to Gould Electronics in 1977, after which the German AEG company bought this company. Today, the owner of the Modicon brand is Schneider Electric, a French company. Modicon company developed the MODBUS communication protocol in 1979. Today, millions of electronic devices communicate using this freely licensed MODBUS protocol.

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