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DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

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DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem’s main features are  MO + 32 bit processor, 512 byte buffer support, high air data rate up to 70 kbps, continuous data transfer capability, strong communication distance, addressable feature, 256 frequency channels, output power in European standards and RF networking over modems. Besides, modems with dozens of different parameters are in industrial class. One of the main reasons for its stable operation compared to competing technologies is that it is produced using industrial materials.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem has overload protection with reverse power supply and emc protect for antenna. All configurable parameters are controlled by settings. It allows you to do duplex “simultaneous double sided” data communication .Air communication  is more than 7km.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem has a great energy performance. Under 24V DC voltage; 10mA at listening. At sending, the highest is 170 mA. With the watchdog hardware and software, the modem restarts in any error and does not lose the set parameters. All modems are manufactured using original SEMTECH RFIC.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

RF Features Values Descriptions
Working frequency 425-450 mHz 256 channel
RF output power 21-30 dBm 1000mW/ 4 step
Receiver sensitivity -124 dBm Data rate in air has been tested as 1.2 kbps
Data rate in air 1.2-70kbps Automatic adjustment production proportional to cable speed 1,2 kbyte
Test communication 7500 meter It has been tested over the sea with 6 dbi gain antennas and 1.2kbps air data transmission rate with the highest output power in an open and clean area. antenna height is 2.5 meters. It supports in-factory communication easily.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

Product Feautures Values Descriptions
Product sizes 66* 66 *21 mm, excluding antenna
Antenna type SMA connector
Communication interface Ethernet plug Standard  RJK45, 10/100
Communication Protocols IP,TCP /UDP, ARP , ICMP , IPV4


Cache 512 byte Supports 197 bytes of packet length per post.
Adress 65536 production start address is  0.


DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

Power Values Min Average Max Value
Supply voltage 9 12/24 28 V
While sending 320 330/170 240 mA
While listening 19 20/10 21 mA
Operating temperature -40 20 +85 C
Working humidity 10 60 90 %
Storage temperature -40 20 +125 C

The effect of power supply on the working performance is 100%. It is definitely recommended to use professional power supply.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem consists of industrial grade components. The highest RF output power is 1W and all technical parameters meet European industrial standards. Temperature stabilizers make the frequency stability better than ± 2ppm. Operating temperature range: -35 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃, it can be used easily, it is a real industrial grade model. It features aluminum alloy casing, compact size, good heat dissipation, electromagnetic compatibility and strong anti-interference protection.

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem
DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem

DelcomRF TCP IP RF Modem works between 9-28V DC voltage range. It can be used with the desired antenna model, it communicates with the ANTENNA 1 model up to 10 Km distance. With the ANTENNA 2 model, you can communicate more comfortably over longer distances or in areas with interference. With the ANTENNA 3 model, you can make mainland broadcasting with a professional base station application and reach longer distances. It establishes a connection over Ethernet. Supports TCP / IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IPV4 protocols. After production, additional protection is provided by chemical spray against dust, humidity and climatic conditions.

DelcomRF Modbus TCP IP  RF Modem communicates data-data over UHF or VHF band. It can communicate in different frequency bands. It has multiple frequency band channels. Multiple and optional broadcast modes support all your needs with different connection connectors. ICTA Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey is the first and only product with approval. CLICK HERE to review our modem records under PPWM heading!


Wireless Communication Between PLC-SCADA


DelcomRF Modbus TCP IP  RF Modem has adjustable data rate, adjustable RF output power, transmitter-repeater feature. Ethernet PLC-PLC communication is suitable for communication between PLC-machine and CPU. It can be used in SCADA monitoring systems. It offers low price and high performance. It has high data security. Provides trouble-free service.

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